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Just over a year ago, five birth workers came together with some concerns. We recognized that there were problems surrounding inclusive access to family planning supports in our larger communities. We decided that we wanted to be agents of change, and after working together to build our shared vision, The Birth Society was born. 
The Birth Society is a registered non-profit organization that acts a bridge, a way to connect families in need of essential doula care. Our mission is to create empowered communities, provide inclusive access to birth support to the greater Edmonton area.


Oftentimes, communities already facing financial and societal barriers are the ones who most need support for healthy outcomes. It is critical to surround these communities with resources and supports that are non-judgemental, non-discriminatory and are able to represent them within their communities. As birth workers, we support families by bridging gaps in service and providing fair, equitable, and quality care during this major life transition.

The Birth Society aims to shirt birthing culture by: 


  • providing subsidies to access family planning support 

  • connecting families with a network of culturally and ethnically diverse birth workers 

  • providing subsidized training for people in under-represented groups who with to help their communities and earna living wage doing so

  • mentoring and supporting birth workers on an ongoing basis

The child-bearing experience is a period of growth and transition. It's a time when access to affordable support can make a huge impact in fostering healthy families and individuals. This type of care is often inaccessible because of financial or societal barriers. By providing support to people in our local communities, we will build stronger individuals, families and communities. 


Our advisory teams includes diverse voices sitting together at the same table, united in our shared vision. These voices guide our work as we seek to address the needs and issues of their diverse communities and provide a path we can take to affect change together.


You are invited to join us in creating a wave of change that will positively impact our communities. Together, we can create the changes that are needed to shift the currents of birth and family planning. Every bit counts. Please consider supporting us today, through donation or volunteering. 

Be sure to stay in touch. We will provide updates on our progress and announcements as we continue with our official launch.

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